Chemical the etching is an extremely accurate manufacturing process used to produce Large Precision metal parts. It’s a manufacturing method that is also being referred to as Photo etching, Electro-chemical Etching, amongst others.

What is Chemical Etching?

Chemical etching is a high precision subtractive production process that utilizes Baths of temperature-regulated etching chemicals to remove material to generate high precision metal components in any desired shape.

Example: Chemical Etching on Strap Mould

How does Chemical Etching work?

The Chemical Etching procedure can be completed at a series of steps including Cleaning, Laminating, Exposing, Developing, Etching, and Stripping, after which rigorous inspection is automatically carried out on all components.

A Sheet of the desired material, referred to as a substrate, is first laminated with a coating of light-sensitive resist. The photoresist is then selectively exposed to UV light and developed to obtain a positive image of the product. Every step is done at extremely well-controlled working conditions to guarantee the best possible end result.

Watch Below 3D animated video of this Chemical Etching procedure.

Why utilizing Chemical Etching? Benefits of Chemical Etching

chemical ecthingChemical Etching is highly suitable once you want to create complex, multi-layer, high-precision metal components. Tolerance on etched attributes is typical +/- 10%. Example: if a part of 200 ?m is etched, the deviation may be up to 20 ?m (0,02 mm). Chemical etching is especially appropriate when round holes, sharp edges and straight or profiled edges are wanted.

Compared To ‘traditional’ machining processes like CNC Machining, Electro Discharge Machining(EDM), Stamping, Pressing, Wire Erosion and more ‘contemporary’ procedures like Laser Cutting, chemical etching supplies you with a very competitive alternative from prototyping to large scale production. Rapid prototypes can be generated from the drawings in a few days.

Working extremely long hours every day of the week might seem exciting at first, but it always leads to burnout.

The chemical etching process is ideally suited to a wide range of materials. Almost any metal can be produced.

Widely used across a range of industries, Chemical Etching could be the answer to your precision metal part needs. Complex, stress-free, burr-free components can be produced from ideas into reality in a matter of days.

If you are interested in if your next micro-precision metallic part can be created with chemical, you can request a custom prototype. Our engineering team will contact you to explore the parameters of your merchandise so we can design an ideal solution together. Do not be afraid to reach out — we’re here to assist!