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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving can be used to print any kind of pattern on any metal surface. Laser engraving is used where we do not want the product to be harmed by any kind of scratch. Laser engraving technique is fast,precise and clean. Jai Ambey offers these services in most feasible way possible.

Backed by massive industry proficiency, we are involved in presenting to our customers’ world class Laser engraving services also. Jai Ambay excels in engraving shoe moulds as we have decades of experience in designing shoe moulds for big brands like Bata,Nike Reebok and many more..

Frequently Asked Questions?

 5 Axis Laser Texturing is an advanced surface modification technique that uses a laser beam to create intricate textures on various materials. It involves precise control of five axes of motion to direct the laser onto the object’s surface, resulting in detailed and precise textures.

Our services can texture a wide range of materials, metals (steel, aluminum, titanium). The versatility of the technique allows us to cater to diverse industries.

 Industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, and medical devices can benefit from our services. Any industry that requires visually appealing, precise, and functional textures can leverage this technology.

Compared to traditional methods like etching or mechanical texturing, 5 Axis Laser Texturing offers greater precision, intricate designs, reduced tool wear, faster production times, and the ability to work on complex geometries.

Our 5 Axis Laser Texturing services can achieve textures with high precision, often reaching micron-level detail. This precision allows us to create fine patterns, logos, and other intricate designs.