Manufacturing Industries have become one of the highest growth sectors in India in recent times. India is also striving hard to give itself a title of “Manufacturing hub”, and is also aiming at employing 100 million people by the end of 2022.

With this trend around and some rapid technological advancements, Manufacturing industries can make great progress in terms of their products and their upgradation. PTFE  coating is one such advancement that is being implemented rapidly across various industries, to improve the efficiency of their machinery.  While we at Jai Ambay Etching have also been equally striving to make a breakthrough in this sector.

A brief about PTFE coating

PTFE coating, also popularly known as the Teflon coating, is an 80-year-old process that has now become extremely famous for so many applications. And if you want to know the chemical composition of PTFE, then it is a fluorocarbon solid and that is why the name Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).  This PTFE or Teflon is coated over materials for several reasons and each one being for the best.

Some of the most important characteristics of PTFE are that it can make the material it is coated on resistant to corrosive chemicals, it helps the material to withstand extreme temperatures without losing any of its physical properties, it makes the material UV resistant, and also induces low friction. This PTFE coating in some cases acts as a really good insulator and doesn’t absorb water.

These properties have now made PTFE coating an integral part of various applications.

And to understand how PTFE works, we need to know that any material coated with PTFE becomes non -reactive because of the highly stable bonds between the carbon and fluorine molecules. This is the reason PTFE can guard the material against reacting to extreme conditions and thus helping it to retain its original property.

Application of PTFE across industries.

While PTFE is mostly implemented on cookwares, we also get to see a lot of Industrial Teflon coating being implemented in various industries like automobiles, those producing cable materials like optical wires, pipes, valves, and also used in medical and pharmaceutical industries to make various devices which need to withstand heat and current.

PTFE coating is also used in fuel and hydraulic lines. This is because PTFE provides a low-friction coefficient making sure that these fluids flow at a normal rate even in colder temperatures and higher altitudes.

PTFE has proved to be more efficient and safer than nylon or acetal coatings and that’s the reason it’s also being used in ovens and other cooking surfaces.

It is also being used in various textile industries. There is now a new fashion trend of making these waterproof apparel. To wear it to a beach or to just secure yourself on a rainy day, these apparels make sure you are completely dry even after being around water. And this has been possible because of the advent of this technology of coating PTFE or Teflon over these dress materials. Though this has not been established strongly, some experts are predicting that this is going to be the future fashion trend.

Importance of PTFE coating in Industries

Every business sector and every manufacturing industry needs efficient and well-maintained machinery for them to increase their outcome and thus the profit. Any fault, abrasion, corrosion, or ill-functioning of the machinery hits the business to a great extent, and we all can agree to this fact without a doubt.

Also, it is not always easy to service and maintain these heavy machinery frequently, and this could eventually affect the production on a large scale until you get it repaired, or replace it with a new one. And not to ignore the fact that both repair and replacement however are extremely costly and this is not something any business owner would want to spend on.

And this is exactly where the PTFE coating or the Teflon coating comes to the rescue. Getting your machinery or your products etched with PTFE will not only ensure smooth functioning but also increases the lifespan of your products.

As also mentioned earlier, the lubricating nature of this PTFE or Teflon coating is of great help in maintaining the frictionless functioning of the machines. The friction caused by the sliding motion of the machine parts is greatly reduced by the PTFE coating, thereby increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the machines.

The PTFE coating also provides protection against various kinds of industrial chemicals like acetone, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, gasoline, sulphuric acid, petrol, kerosene, amyl alcohol, sodium chloride, or common salt, chlorine, dioxane, and other sodium salts. Our machines are at very high risk of being in contact with these chemicals and these would eventually cause erosion of the various layers of the machines. Protecting machines from these chemicals will prevent corrosive effects and thus the machine works better and lasts longer.

Also not to forget, PTFE etching can be done over a large range of assortments, starting from those tiny parts like nuts and bolts, to big, heavy machines, and large pumps.  This is also useful to ensure that the relative functioning of the entire machine is well-balanced thus increasing the operational efficiency on the whole.

Considering the above points, we now know that PTFE coating will be able to help us with lubrication, prevention of corrosion and also in increasing the operational efficiency of our machinery. This is indeed a great breakthrough in the world of chemical science to increase the functionality and durability of many of our products.

And it’s a matter of delight to see the number of industries that are now understanding the importance of PTFE coating and coming forward to invest in this piece of wonder.

In a country like India where most of the economy is driven by industries, it is very important that we understand the various ways by which we can make our industries function more efficiently. PTFE etching is obviously one such process of improving the operational efficiency of the industries and thus we strongly recommend all the industries to understand the need and importance of this process better.


Now that we have come to the end of the article, you would have understood the various applications and the importance of PTFE coating. We are sure you now have an idea about how efficient and versatile your products could turn, by undergoing this PTFE coating or the Teflon coating.

And if you are someone who is looking for PTFE coatings for your products then we would highly recommend you to visit our website at and go through the various services that we offer.

We at Jai Ambay Etching Process make sure to deliver highly professional and efficient services. Before starting the PTFE coating process, our team makes sure to study the anatomy of your product thoroughly, to see if the etching would suit the material used in your product. We would go ahead with the etching process only if it suits your products or machinery, if we find out that the materials used in your products can not withstand the coating, we will inform you upfront.

And, so,  without any delay contact us, so that we can together add value to your product._