Do you look at modern kitchens and become envious of how classy and sleek they look? How can you make yours look better? Try out non-stick cookware. Some people are hesitant to move away from traditional cooking methods, but after reading this article, you’ll be convinced to make the switch. Let’s deal with the most pressing question before we talk about the benefits:

What is non-stick cookware?

Non-stick cookware is coated with a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). While that sounds crazy dangerous, it is actually not. The substance is tested enough and comes with cooking instructions that can prevent health hazards. As long as you don’t expose it to temperatures above 250 °C, there’s nothing to worry about. This means that most of your daily cooking will be completely safe. In fact, it might turn out to be even tastier than the other metal utensils you currently use.

Is it safe?

This is a concern many people have. As we mentioned, if exposed to temperatures above 250 °C,  the substances that constitute the cookware might start disintegrating. This can pose a health hazard. To prevent this, we recommend you use it only in daily cooking. Frying chips, heating milk, cooking rice can be a few routines that would be completely safe with non-stick cookware.

Reasons to start using non-stick cookware

You use less oil

For those that have health concerns, or those that just want to start taking preventative health measures, this is the biggest advantage. You need to use much less oil because your food will not stick to your pan or pot. This means you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods without drowning in guilt.

What’s more, you don’t have to shy away anymore from fried foods. Non-stick cookware allows shallow pan-frying and cooks your food perfectly without having to drench it in oil. So you get yummier food, for less of a cost to your health. When you use non-stick cookware, your ‘guilty pleasures’ are simply just ‘pleasures’.

Washing and drying is a breeze

Let’s be frank. No one likes doing the dishes. And for those that do, it is the process and not the effort. So the second biggest advantage of non-stick cookware is that it requires very little effort to clean and dry. The PTFE coating is naturally hydrophobic. This means it will dry in seconds and won’t leave those pesky white drying stains that we all hate. You will be able to wash off the greasiest remains off your pans in just a couple of strokes.

Since food does not stick to the utensil, there is no question of having to scrub burnt bits off anyway!

Uniform heat distribution

If you’re a beginner, nonstick cookware is the right way to start. It cooks your food evenly, which means it’s a lot easier to experiment and learn while making mistakes. If you are someone that always has a lot on your plate, maybe kids that demand attention at every waking hour or phone calls that are all urgent, thanks to this feature, you don’t have to worry about burning your food.

There’s a slimmer chance of you burning your food and ruining the mood with non-stick cookware. Test it out and compare it yourself!

Cooks food faster

A lot of us like cooking and want to cook everyday. But the time it takes just isn’t for us. Non-stick cookware has uniform heat distribution and can cook your favourite dishes in the blink of an eye. You no longer have to wait a long time after work to satisfy your hunger. Your cravings will be attended to in a matter of minutes. Imagine the amount of money you’ll save when you can actually cook for yourself instead of ordering in as a quicker solution.

It (almost) never scratches

We’ll admit; some terms and conditions apply here. Your cookware might scratch it if you pair it up with materials harder than the PTFE coating. But you can now buy utensils in sets. When you buy combos, you’ll get cookware at a cheaper rate, and the best of all, it’ll all match! You’re one step closer to a modular-looking kitchen.

If your spoons and spatulas are also PTFE coated, you should have no problem. When paired well, non-stick cookware never scratches. It becomes extremely durable and can last you a long time, which brings us to our next point.

It is a long-term investment

Metal cookware can scratch, bend and break. Non-stick cookware does not. It lasts years and if used well, might require barely any maintenance. It cooks your food faster and saves you time since cleaning is easy. It truly makes your life easier and your belly happier. While it may cost more in the beginning compared to the utensils you can buy in your local market, you can be assured that you won’t be running to buy a replacement every few years.

And if we talk about the look of your kitchen, getting non-stick cookware is the easiest way to upgrade it. Each utensil is versatile and can cook multiple kinds of foods. You can get away with being super minimal. Next time you have guests, you can impress them with yummy dishes without having a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen to get back to.


Cooking is a different art in itself. Why make it harder? Why struggle with heavy vessels when you can have lightweight, modern, and brilliant cookware? Non-stick cookware is extremely lightweight. So you can do all your tossing and turning to feel like a masterchef.

If you run any sort of a kitchen, you might need to carry around heavy vessels. A lightweight utensil can mean that you transfer large amounts of soup from one place to another without much effort, minimising spills and making the entire process easy.


When it was a new concept, non-stick cookware came at a higher price. But as more kitchens welcomed them and it got recognition for its multiple benefits, non-stick cookware has become a lot more affordable.

Like we said before, buying sets will mean that your cookware matches each other, is safe to use with each other, and can vamp up your space without you having to turn your pockets inside out to redo your kitchen.

It’s versatile, so you won’t need different utensils for different items, it uses less oil, and can last you years. These are the ways in which PTFE coated cookware goes easy on your pocket.

Safe to use

If you’ve got kids in the house, or aren’t too great with cooking and always end up burning yourself, that should likely stop with non-stick cookware. Since it distributes heat evenly, there are fewer chances of you burning the food and yourself!

You no longer have to be extra strict with your kids about being in the kitchen. In fact, you can now cook together and make some really great memories! When there’s safety, there’s room for fun!


Non-stick cookware has many benefits. You save yourself time, money and effort in a multitude of ways. From beginners to professionals, it is the best option in the current market and will probably dominate it for years to come.