If you are looking forward to getting some engraving done on any product like plastic, jewellery or glass decorations or anything for the business purposes also, then you must know the difference between the traditional ways of engraving and laser engraving.

Traditional engraving uses a precise machine that physically touches a piece of metal to produce the message you want to be shown. Most generally, we engrave metal plates, shoe mould, and certain engravable plastics. Check to see whether they are engraved, if you have an old plaque or any sports trophies lying around. If they are, they have been engraved with this method more than likely. There are several situations, however, in which these items may be laser engraved.

In recent times, items engraved with laser technology. laser engraving utilises a laser machine to remove the top layer of a component. Laser engraving can be used on any metal surface to print any kind of pattern. This shows with extreme accuracy your message fractions of a millimetre deep into those laserable items. Because of this accuracy, when customers want their logo to be a part of the engraved message. We laser engrave shoe moulds.

Example: Laser Engraving in Shoe Mould

Using this process, some plastics can also be laser engraved. A second coloured layer shows itself to show the message by removing the top layer of the plastic.  For some laserable metals, which could be the way one of your trophies was engraved, the same process can be performed, which may be the method one of your trophies was engraved. If the plate has one text colour and another background colour and is smooth across the whole plate, it will most likely be laser engraved.

It is important that your engraved message should be readable regardless of the type of engraving process you choose. Some people may think that traditional engraving is easy to read, while others may believe otherwise. Laser engraving is actually slightly easy to read because the message is burned into the message, making it darker, but traditional engraving is a bit deeper and also makes it easy to read in-depth.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing either of them is your choice. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and choosing either of them is your choice. Both have their own unique characteristics, and both are effective.