Sand Blast & Shot Blast

Technical Information :

Jai Ambay offers their renowned clients an excellent quality Sand Blasting Service. These services are performed by our experienced experts who have rich experience in this domain. Our experts go through the requirements of our precious clients and accordingly make plans as per their specifications. Furthermore, our offered services are executed in synchronization with the international quality standards to avoid any flaws. We use modern technology and premium grade machines and tools for rendering these services.

Shot Blasting is a process which is used to clean, strengthen and polish metals. It is one of the processes of “Abrasive blasting”. Also most of the abrasive blasting is shot blasting (with metal shots) and sand blasting (with sand) only. This blasting operation refers to the operation of forcibly propelling a high-pressure stream of abrasive material against a surface in order to:

  • Smooth a rough surface
  • Roughen a smooth surface
  • Shape a surface
  • Remove surface contaminants

Shot Blasting is a method used to clean or prepare surfaces prior to use. Mechanical force is used to propel blast media at the surface to be cleaned to remove contaminants. Shot Blasting is referred as one of the process of abrasive blasting. Types of abrasive blasting include:

  • Bead
  • Wheel
  • Wet
  • Automated
  • Hydro
  • Micro
  • Dry ice
  • Bristle

Abrasive blasting systems typically include three essential components, as follows:

  • Abrasive container (blasting pot)
  • Propelling device
  • Blasting nozzle

The advantage of the procedure is that it keeps the surface intact, while everything else is removed. There are two main types of blasting: dry and wet. The type of abrasive used in a particular application is usually specific to the blasting method.

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