Mould Polishing

Technical Information :

A any type of mould needs to be polished to make it long lasting and lustrous. Quality of surface of a mold is important factor to decide the performance and aesthetics of a manufactured product. Polishing is used to remove scratches and burrs from any mold/dies. We not only polish to prepare for texture but are capable fo providing polish as final finish. Our Polishing department specializes in lens/mirror finishes. we can take the surface at its roughest starting point and bring to A1 finish.Jai Ambay has experienced much in the feild of shoe mould etching and designing & understands the complete importance of Mould polishing. A polished mould give perfect results for the final output/ design.

As gloss targets continue to be pushed lower, hitting these targets consistently can be very difficult and costly. MicroMatte is a technique developed to achieve and maintain low gloss finishes on plastic injection molded parts, without altering the visual appearance of the base texture. MicroMatte is a micro-laser generated overlay technology used translate in-mold texturing applications. MicroMatte diffuses the reflective light on the molded part resulting in low gloss, rich realistic texture finishes on all types of plastics. MicroMatte can be applied over existing textures in molds or applied during the initial texturing process. If the texture is damaged, MicroMatte is repairable. Mold drafts should be considered when applying MicroMatte, and changes in molding process parameters may be necessary to gain maximum benefits.

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